Персональные тренировки
по социальным танцам
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Персональные тренировки по парным танцам

Don't know how to begin...

Don't be shy! Just write me 'I head about InterHustle and want to have a lesson. I have free time on these evenings around ... o'clock'.

You can write an SMS or just call. The only question is when do you have a free time for lessons.


Which days/which time can I have a lesson?

We will confirm the date and time individually according to your and mine free time.

Best practice is to confirm the lesson some days beforehand. 


Shall I come in pair or single?

You may come single or in pair, never mind the gender. For men I can provide experienced girls as support if needed.


What is a minimal level? Do I have to know something about dance?

My learners are very diffrenet - from aboslute novices to competitive C-class professional dancers. If you know some dance techniques, it may help. If you don't know anything about social dancing - anyway you are welcome!

How to dress for lessons?

Some clean shoes for change is a must. Best way is to have dance shoes, but for first lessons you may use casual shoes or sneakers. Any light and sport-comfortable clothes will suit.